Conditions of Employment

Hiring Requirement

All candidates must present, at the time of hiring:

  • a valid Pennsylvania Criminal Record Check,
  • a completed Pennsylvania Child Abuse Check,
  • FBI clearance - Cogent Systems,
  • an approved physical examination,
  • a valid Pennsylvania Teacher Certificate (For Teachers),
  • two separate sealed college transcripts with raised seals (For Teachers).

Individuals with disabilities who require assistance participating in the selection process must attach a letter to the application form stating the nature of the disability and the type of assistance required.

Medical documentation with respect to the disability claimed and the accommodation requested may be required. Individuals with disabilities who require assistance in filling out the application should contact the Office of Human Resources - 440 North Broad Street, Suite 222 (Second Floor) Philadelphia, PA 19130- 4015.

In the event this position is reannounced or put on continuous filing, candidates who wish to retake the interview may file a new application. However, they will not be invited to interview again until at least 90 days after the initial screening.

The Veterans Preference Act, 51 P.S. § 7101 et seq. provides persons who meet the definition of "soldier" under the Act to preference in hiring. Pursuant to the Act, five points will be added to the passing scores of qualified candidates. In order to qualify under the definition of "soldier," the individual must have been honorably discharged and either:

  • Have served in any capacity in the armed forces of the United States since July 27, 1953;
  • or

  • Have served during a war or armed conflict prior to July 27, 1953;
  • or

  • Be the widow or widower of a "soldier";
  • or

  • Be the spouse of a disabled "soldier."

Candidates who wish to assert Veterans’ Preference should attach a copy of their DD214 or their spouse’s DD214 and supporting documents to their application. Candidates asserting Veterans Preference must present their original DD214 at the time of hiring. Failure to do so will result in being denied Veterans Preference. Persons asserting the preference will still be subject to all other conditions of School District employment.

Selection Procedure

Qualified applicants will participate in a screening process which includes an essay evaluation, interview and reference checks. Required score: 80.00.


The names of Pennsylvania certified candidates who are successful in the School District’s screening process will be forwarded to the Office of Employment Services for appointment activity. If a certificate is required for this position, all candidates must present the original of the required certificate at the time of hiring. Failure to present any required documents will result in the candidate's being passed over for hiring. If the hiring of a bilingual candidate best meets the needs of a school or work location, the School District of Philadelphia reserves the right to hire the first such candidate whose name appears on the eligible list established as a result of this examination. Current School District of Philadelphia needs for bilingual appointments include applicants who read, write and speak fluent English and fluent Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese or Russian. The hiring of all bilingual candidates will be preceded by the satisfactory completion of a proficiency examination in the qualifying world language. Five additional score points will be added to the scores of those candidates who are currently long term substitute teachers with the School District of Philadelphia on step 6 or higher of the long term substitute salary schedule by the first day of the selection process if they receive a final score of 80.00 or above. Five additional score points will be added to scores of those candidates who have successfully completed their student teaching in a School District of Philadelphia school if they receive a final score of 80.00 or above in the selection process. Three additional score points will be added to the scores of those successful candidates who have completed the Philadelphia Urban Seminar offered by Indiana University of Pennsylvania . Candidates must attach a transcript from Indiana University showing this course or a letter from the Dean of Indiana University stating that they have successfully completed this seminar. Applicants who are eligible for points for either long term substitute or student teaching experience with the School District of Philadelphia are not eligible for these seminar points. Applicants interested in this seminar should contact Dr. Monte Tidwell or Dr. Larry Vold at 412-357-2485

Condition of School District Employment

New employees must show proof of American Citizenship or proof of legal residence in the United States as a condition of employment with the School District Of Philadelphia. If you are hired as a provisional employee, you must successfully complete the selection process in order to continue your employment with the district and to accrue proper seniority. Please note that an employee's attendance, punctuality and performance are important factors to be considered in the selection procedure. Applicants who have been subjected to disciplinary action or who have documented records of unsatisfactory work performance may not be appointed.

Section 8-301

Section 8-301 of the City Home Rule Charter states that: "Except as otherwise provided in this Charter, no person shall hold more than one office or position of profit, whether elective or appointive, under the City and no such person shall hold such office or position while holding any other office or position of profit in or under the government of the United States, of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, or any ex office held by virtue of another office or position."