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The School District of Philadelphia’s more than 200 schools offer a wide range of leadership opportunities for administrators who seek to join us in this effort. Our students and their families encompass the full spectrum of the human experience—they are newcomers and Philly natives; they know privilege and poverty. What do they have in common? An inalienable right to the very best education we can give them. That requires a leader with creativity, commitment, and vision. Will you join us? 

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The School District of Philadelphia’s Current and Planned Priority Work

Action Plan v2.0 is an evolution of our blueprint for making our schools great.  In the plan we provide details of the four goals that anchor our work.  These goals are both aspirational in scope and urgent in nature.  Click the banner below to read Action Plan v2.0 in its entirety. 

Principal Opportunities

Thank you for viewing our Principals Opportunities page.  Please note that the principal application process for school year 2014/2015 is currently closed.  The above vacancies are only open to candidates who have already successfully completed our tiered evaluation process for principalship.

Eligible Candidates: If you are interested in any of the above vacancies, please e-mail a statement of interest (500 words or less) to principalschoosephilly@philasd.org for each school you are interested.  Be sure to explain how your skill set aligns with the needs of that school.  

    Principal Onboarding

    We are pleased to welcome newly hired principals to the School District of Philadelphia!  Click here to visit our Principal Onboarding page.


    Principal Resources

    Whether you are new to Philadelphia or currently a member of our team, we are excited that you are joining us in our efforts to make all of our schools great. As a leader, you bring creativity, commitment, and vision, and we know you’re going to have an incredible impact on your students, team, and school community.

    Below are several helpful resources to prepare for principalship with The School District of Philadelphia.