Office of the Chief Financial Officer

Office of the Chief Financial Officer


The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) determines, defines and implements procedures and policies for achieving the financial and operational goals, objectives and priorities of the School District. The CFO develops short and long-range strategic plans for School District budgets and fiscal stability and evaluates the efficiency and effectiveness of the School District’s financial and operations activities.  The CFO is responsible for the preparation and implementation of the School District’s operating and categorical budgets and the five-year plan.  The CFO also oversees and directs Accounting Services and Audit Coordination, Financial Services and Management and Budget. 

Important Announcements and Notifications

SDP Registered Municipal Advisor Stand-Alone Rule Statement


Office of the Comptroller

Office of Special Finance

  • Child Accounting
  • Payroll
    • Payroll Entry Support
    • Payroll Processing
    • Employee Information
  • Risk Management
    • Insurance Requirements
    • Worker's Compensation
    • Accident and Injury Prevention
  • Treasury Operations
  • Long and Short Term Financing
  • Revenue Projection


Office of Grants Compliance and Fiscal Services

  • Grant Compliance
  • Grants Fiscal Services
  • Federal Programs
  • Non-Public Programs

Office of Management and Budget

  • School Operating Budgets
  • Administrative Operating Budgets
  • Position Control