MTSS-RtII Interventions

MTSS-RtII Interventions

MTSS-RtII Intervention Guidelines

MTSS-RtII Tiers 2 and 3 Academic Intervention Program Guidelines

Literacy & Math Areas of Concern Explained

The interventions list for literacy and math contains a column titled, “Area(s) of Concern.” Also, in the Online Interventions Module, intervention products/programs are listed by the Areas of Concern addressed by the product/program. Meaning, not all intervention products/programs address every reading or math area of concern.

When determining or selecting the intervention product/program that is best for students, the decision begins with answering the question, "What is the area(s) of concern that needs to be addressed for our student(s)?"

The link to the document below provides the definition and description for reading and math Area(s) of Concern as it relates to the district’s list of intervention products/programs.

A school can contact our office if a literacy/mathematics intervention product/program is not listed in the online interventions module. Please contact Janicka Newbill (jnewbill@philasd.org) for more information. 


MTSS-RtII Systems Approved Interventions List 2016-2018

The list of Tier 1, Tier 2 & Tier 3 intervention products and programs are in Schoolnet's Online Interventions Module as choices for schools to select when they create literacy, math, attendance and behavioral health intervention plans online.
Please click on the links below to see what interventions are listed in the Schoolnet Online Interventions Module. 
If a school does not see an academic intervention currently being used in their school listed, then the principal should contact Janicka Newbill (jnewbill@philasd.org) to confirm that their product or program is approved as an academic intervention for use in our schools. (Though not highly recommended, some products may still be used.)