Business / Finance

The Business/Finance Program is a unique and highly successful program for students who plan to pursue full-time employment, or attend college after graduation. Students in the Business Program take both business-related technology and academic courses to develop an understanding of the business world necessary for graduation and employment and/or college. Within each Business/Finance Program, students receive many opportunities and experiences that relate to a variety of career goals outside of the classroom. Students participate in trips to businesses, shadow tours of various occupations, mock job interviews and cultural trips.

As part of the curriculum, students within the Business/Finance Program also receive training in Microsoft Office 2007/2010 applications, and have the opportunity to take the Microsoft certification exam to receive their Microsoft Office Specialist(MOS) certification.

The Business/Finance Program consists of three career tracks for students to choose from: Business Technology; Accounting; and Sports Marketing & Management. These career tracks are a three year program that begin in the tenth grade and consists of a minimum of 360 instructional hours per year.

Accounting & Financial Services
Accounting is designed to introduce students to accounting terms and concepts, business transactions and the accounting equation. Emphasis will be on journalizing using general, special and communication journals, general and subsidiary ledgers, worksheets and financial statements, banking activities, payroll records taxes and adjusting and closing entries. Students also receive training on QuickBooks electronic accounting software.

Business Administration
Business Technology prepares students to support administrative and business operations by introducing students to 2007/2010 Microsoft Office products including Word and Excel that will prepare students to take the Microsoft Office Specialist(MOS) exams. Microsoft Office certification is the globally recognized standard for validating expertise with the Microsoft Office suite of business productivity programs. In addition, students will learn accounting, business concepts, personal finance and general office skills.

Sports Marketing & Management
Sports Marketing & Management introduces students to the various careers available in the sports and entertainment industry other than being an athlete. Students learn the role of marketing, advertising and promotion in the sports industry. Emphasis is placed on business concepts, sports marketing, and sports management. Internships and student projects are also an integral part of the program.

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