About Us

About Us

Who Are We?

The Office of Career and Technical Education is the central coordinating office for the 120+ Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs that are currently being offered in 30+ high schools in our District. CTE programs prepare students with the academic and technical knowledge needed to be successful in college and career. The Office of CTE is committed to excellence in providing the best education for our students. We offer CTE Programs in over 40+ occupational areas, allowing students to acquire both technical (hands-on) and academic skills. Students are trained using state-of-the-art equipment and under the watchful eye of industry professionals.

Our Vision

Career and Technical Education engages all students in a dynamic and seamless learning experience resulting in their mastery of the career and academic knowledge and skills necessary to become productive contributing members of society. It also serves as a motivation for students to get involved in their learning by engaging them in problem-solving activities that construct knowledge and by providing hands-on activities that enable them to apply knowledge.

Career and Technical Education Five-Year Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan