Wakisha Charter School

Wakisha Charter School

900 West Jefferson Street
Philadelphia, PA  19122
267-256-0950(t) 267-940-4800(f)
Providing grades 6-8

Charter History

Opening Date: September 2000
Mission Statement

The Wakisha Charter School, in partnership with families and the neighboring community, endeavors to provide its students with a sound basis for life-long learning and success. This foundation is established by nurturing the transformation of each student from middle school learner to self-sufficient, informed, confident, responsible, productive citizen. Wakisha Charter School students engage an academically rigorous, all-inclusive, standards-driven, African centered curriculum. Dedicated to seeking excellence in all aspects of their own development, Wakisha Charter School students model the principles of character education and cultivate their innate entrepreneurial spirits in a hurt-free environment where learning is challenging, enjoyable and stimulating.