Multi-Cultural Academy Charter School

Multi-Cultural Academy Charter School

3821 N. Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA  19140
215-227-0513(t) 215-227-0415(f)
Providing grades 8-12

Charter History

Opening Date: September 1998

 Mission Statement


The mission of the Multi-Cultural Academy Charter School (MACS) is to provide to its students regardless of their race, sex, educational or cultural background a quality and equitable education. This education is necessary for students to become contributing members of society. MACS education will be aimed at the holistic development of each individual student. It will be based on a multi-faceted, standards-driven curriculum that promotes academic excellence and at the same time meets the student’s educational needs and aspirations. The purpose of this charter school is to help its students obtain a high school diploma and prepare them for higher education and the world of work. MACS will be a community-based and student-oriented charter school established to meet the unusual challenge of educating multi-cultural students and those most at-risk of failure, grades 9-12, with a focus on English as a second language (ESL). Instruction will be supported by the extensive use of technology, parental involvement and bilingual tutoring/mentoring services.