Multicultural Academy Charter School

Multicultural Academy Charter School

3821 N. Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA  19140
215-227-0513(t) 215-227-0415(f)
Providing grades 9-12

Charter History

Opening Date: September 1998

 Mission Statement

The mission of MACS is to educate the whole child by providing a safe environment where students can learn and teachers can instruct while emphasizing the importance of parental involvement in the educational process.

Core Values

1) Maintaining rigorous academic standards will prepare all students for post secondary success.

2) Discipline is integral to maintaining an effective learning environment.

3) We share common values and celebrate and embrace diversity in cultures and individuals.

4) The experience of serving the community fosters student awareness of social responsibility and citizenship.

5) Viewing each student as an individual while educating and mentoring the whole child is essential to student success.