Laboratory Charter School

Laboratory Charter School

Three Locations 
5339 Lebanon Avenue
Philadelphia, PA  19131
215-877-9880(t) 215-877-9882(f)
Providing grades 2-8
800 N. Orianna Street
Philadelphia, PA 19123
215-574-1680(t) 215-574-0622(f)
Providing grades K-8
5901 Woodbine Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19131
215-452-5580(t) 215-452-5588(f)
Providing grades K-1

Charter History

Opening Date: September 1998
Mission Statement

The mission of the Laboratory Charter School of Communications & Languages is to provide a comprehensive, cognitively based program that will prepare students to communicate effectively in more than one world language and to see the world from global, international and national perspectives. The school will promote: 1) excellence in oral and written communication, 2) mastery of at least two world languages, 3) familiarity with communication technologies, 4) appreciation of cultural diversity, 5) concern for international and global issues, and 6) commitment to lifelong learning. It will be characterized by excellence in teaching, instructional methodologies that connect learning to pragmatic conditions, and close cooperation among communities, parents, and teachers.