First Philadelphia Charter School Literacy

First Philadelphia Charter School Literacy

4300 Tacony Street
Philadelphia, PA 19124
215-743-3100(t) 215-743-9877(f)   
Providing grades K-8

Charter History

Opening Date: September 8, 2002
Mission Statement

The First Philadelphia Charter School for Literacy believes that the cornerstone for effective learning is literacy. The foundersâ primary goal is that all students, after two years of regular attendance, will read at or above grade level. Improving reading abilities will in turn ensure that students in grades K-5 will meet or exceed national standards in language arts (including writing), mathematics, science, and technology. The founders plan to accomplish these goals through research-based practices including an intensive balanced literacy approach to reading and writing, year-round schooling, and involving the community through rich and substantive partnerships. These partnerships will include families, local and national business and industry, community organizations, and other groups and individuals committed to the quality of education in the community.