Antonia Pantoja Charter School

Antonia Pantoja Charter School

4101 N. American Street
Philadelphia, PA  19140
215-329-2733(t) 215-329-2433 (f)
Providing grades K-8

Charter History

Opening Date: September 8, 2008
Mission Statement

Pantoja Charter School offers a bilingual, bicultural, academically enrich curriculum that draws from the social, historical experience of the Puerto Rico Puerto Ricans living in the U.S.  Our academic program is characterized by project based learning, a commitment to community building, critical and high academic standards.  

Technology will be an integral part of our school environment which includes a new start of the art computer lab,  an interactive parent website, interactive boards in the classrooms, mounted projectors in the classrooms and  providing every middle school students with its own laptop where all core content is instructed utilizing the e-books and using technology as a mean to heighten student learning.   Pantoja's technology mission can be summarized by three principles.   

1. To support and enhance learning through technology in every area of the curriculum.

2. To ensure that all learners become competent and confident users of technology.

3. To improve productivity and communications for all stakeholders which  include  adminstrators, teachers, students, and families.

School Leaders are categorized as Instructional Leaders where everything is linked to student learning.  All Instructional Staff model life long learning by means of attending continuous weekly professional development focusing on supporting and developing good teaching and, ultimately, improving student achievement. This model is supported by a Professional Development Program  is based on the National Institute for Excellence in Teaching's (NIET) proven TAP model. The system encompasses performance based compensation, classroom observations, job-embedded professional development and school-based career opportunities for teachers and principals