Ad Prima Charter School

Ad Prima Charter School

5901 Woodbine Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19131
215-452-5580 (t) 215-452-5588(f)
Providing grades K-8

3556 Frankford Avnue
Philadelphia, PA 19134
215-288-7062 (t) 215-288-8673 (f)
Providing grades K-5

Charter History

Opening Date: September 7, 2004
Mission Statement
The mission of the Ad Prima Charter School is to educate the entire child by providing programs to children that enable them to become exemplary citizens distinguishable by their excellence in academic performance, social mores worthy of emulation, contagious positive attitude, noticeable high self-esteem, inclination to peaceful conflict resolution, effective communication skills, and commitment to community, brotherhood, and leadership by good example.  These characteristics are nurtured through a caring community of learners including highly trained and competent school administrators and teachers, parents who are interested in their children’s education and in the educational process, and other stakeholders who are committed to a more meaningful and practical approach to education as defined in the Ad Prima mission.