Charter Application Hearings

Charter Application Hearings

Public hearings on the 40 new charter applications received by the Charter Schools Office by the Nov. 15 deadline began December 8th in the second-floor auditorium at the Education Center, 440 N. Broad St. 

There will be two sets of hearings for each applicant, as follows:

  • Dec. 8-12 – The first set of hearings will provide each applicant with the opportunity to present information about its application within 45 days of the application submission date as required by the Pennsylvania Charter School Law. Applicants can make a 15-minute presentation, after which the public will have the opportunity to comment on any of the applications heard that same day. The complete schedule for the December hearings can be found here. 

  • Where possible, the first set of hearings has been grouped by region for greater public accessibility. (For example, applicants for schools applying to open in North Philadelphia have been scheduled on the same day).
  • Jan. 5-26 – During the second set of hearings, the CSO and/or District staff will present comments from application evaluators, applicants will be questioned by a Hearing Officer, and applicants may make a 15-minute final statement. Each hearing will last approximately 2 hours, with three hearings taking place on most of the dates. The complete schedule for the January hearings can be found here. All hearings are open to the public. 

**PLEASE NOTE** Due to inclement weather, the hearings for Germantown Community Charter School and PHMC Preparatory Charter School have been postponed until Wednesday January 28th. The hearings will be at 10am and noon, respectively. Both hearings will be held at 440 North Broad Street in room 1075.

Copies of presentations made by applicants at the December hearings are available here.

Copies of the evaluation reports developed by evaluation teams and presented at the January hearings are available here