Charter Amendment Requests

Charter Amendment Requests

The CSO received the following requests during the 2015-16 academic year to amend charters for Philadelphia charter schools authorized by the School District of Philadelphia. In reviewing these requests for amendment, the CSO determined that the requests identified below represent material amendments to the existing charters. The CSO categorizes material amendments to a school’s charter as including the following: change to grade levels served; change in building location or the addition of a new facility; name change of the charter school; a significant change to a school’s mission, program, or educational plan; an enrollment expansion; or a change to the charter school's management organization.

For charter amendment requests categorized as being material, the CSO reviewed the requests as submitted, and after the initial review, requested additional supporting documentation from the charter schools in order to conduct comprehensive evaluations of the requests. 

The CSO has prepared a Charter Amendment Evaluation Report for each of the charter amendment requests below. The Charter Amendment Evaluation Report summarizes the CSO's evaluation and findings for each charter school's material charter amendment request. Reports may be viewed by clicking the links below. The SRC, by resolution at a public action meeting, can approve or deny each of the charter amendment requests. 
School Year 2015-16 Amendment Requests

School NameRequest TypeDate ReceivedSRC Action VoteEvaluation Report
Christopher Columbus Charter SchoolExpansion11/4/155/19/16Click here
Franklin Towne Charter High SchoolExpansion1/7/165/19/16Click here
Maritime Academy Charter SchoolExpansion10/8/155/19/16Click here
Pan American Academy Charter SchoolExpansion1/22/165/19/16Click here
Harambee Institute Charter SchoolExpansion10/2/157/1/16Click here
Boys Latin Charter SchoolLocation Change9/9/158/18/16Click here
KIPP Philadelphia Charter SchoolLocation Change7/13/169/15/16Click here
School Year 2016-17 Amendment Requests

Folk Arts-Cultural Treasures Charter SchoolExpansion and new programming1/17/172/16/17 Click here
Keystone Academy Charter SchoolLocation change11/23/164/27/17 Click here
Laboratory Charter SchoolLocation change12/1/164/27/17 Click here
Russell Byers Charter SchoolTemporary Additional Location 3/23/174/27/17 Click here
Mathematics, Science and Technology Community Charter School Expansion  3/7/17 6/15/17 Click here
Pan American Academy Charter SchoolAdditional Location 2/22/17 6/15/17 Click here