Chief Academic Support Office (CASO)


Welcome to the Chief Academic Support Office of The School District of Philadelphia! The Chief Academic Support Office consists of the Chief Academic Support Officer (CASO), and key executive support staff who assist the CASO in the execution of his/her duties and responsibilities. This office is charged with overseeing all academic programs and services delivered by The School District of Philadelphia.

Vision: The School District of Philadelphia will deliever on the right of every child in Philadelphia to an excellent public school education and ensure all children graduate from high school ready to succeed.

Mission: High Quality Instruction, Early Literacy Efforts, Opportuntities for Students & Families, and Resources to Serve Students.

 Action Plan 3.0 Anchor Goals:

1. 100% of students will graduate, ready for college and career

2. 100% of 8-year olds will read on grade level (3rd Grade)

3. 100% of schools will have great principals and teachers

4. 100% of the funding needed for great schools, and zero deficit

 Action Plan 3.0 Therory of Action

1.Equitable System of Schools

  • Maintain a system of great schools with the school models we need to serve all students equitably
  • Become a great charter authorizer to ensure all charters are good school options and share successful practices

2. District School for Students

  • Teaching
  • School Environment
  • People

3. Funding the Plan

4. Responsive Service and Support

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