Facility Condition Assessment

Facility Condition Assessment


Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) is an industry term that describes the process of a qualified group of trained industry professionals performing an analysis of the condition of a facility or group of facilities that may vary in terms of age, design, construction methods, and materials. In 2015, The School District of Philadelphia hired Parsons Environmental & Infrastructure Group Inc. to complete a visual inspection of its educational facilities and large athletic fields.  The data collected will be used to inform the District’s five year capital program and budget.

Facility Condition Assessment Summary Reports


The Facility Condition Assessment Summary Report provides a summary of the Facility Condition Index (FCI) value of a school facility and select major building systems. The FCI is a numerical representation of condition organized into five performance tiers.

Full reports for each school will be available beginning Wednesday, February 8.

Elementary Schools

Alexander Adaire
Dr. Ethel AllenEthan AllenAdd B. AndersonChester A. Arthur 
 Bache-Martin John BarryBarton
Mary McLeod Bethune
 James G. Blaine
Rudolph Blankenburg
Amedee F. Bregy  BridesburgHenry A. Brown
 Joseph H. Brown
William C. Bryant
 Laura H. Carnell Lewis C. CassidyJoseph Catharine  Cayuga
 Geroge W. Childs Benjamin B. ComegysWatson Comly
Jay Cooke
 William Cramp Kennedy C. CrossanAnna B. Day
J. DeBurgos
Stephen Decatur
William Dick
Hamilton Disston
James Dobson
Tanner Duckrey
Paul L. Dunbar
 Franklin S. EdmondsLewis Elkin
 Ellwood Eleanor C. Emlen Louis H. Farrell
D. Newlin Fell  Feltonville Intermediate Thomas K. FinletterFitler Academics Plus
 A. L. Fitzpatrick
 Edwin ForrestFox Chase
Anne Frank
 Benjamin Franklin Edward Gideon
Stephen Girard Samuel Gompers
Joseph Greenberg
Albert M. Greenfield
Horatio B. Hackett
Andrew Hamilton
Hancock Demonstration
Avery D. Harrington
John F. Hartranft
Charles W. Henry
 Edward Heston Thomas HolmeFrancis Hopkinson
Henry H. Houston
Julia Ward Howe
William H. Hunter
Andrew Jackson
Jenks Academy Arts & Sciences
Abram Jenks Juniata Park Academy
Gen. Philip Kearny
William D. Kelley
John B. Kelly Kenderton
Francis Scott Key 
Eliza B. Kirkbride
Robert E. Lamberton
Henry W. Lawton
Henry C. Lea
Anna L. Lingelbach
Alain Locke
William H. Loesche
James Logan
William C. Longstreth James R. Lowell
James R. Ludlow
John Marshall
Thurgood Marshall
Gen. George A. McCall
Alexander K. McClure
Morton McMichael
John F. McCloskey
Delaplaine McDaniel William McKinley
Gen, George G. MeadeWilliam M. Meredith
Thomas Mifflin
John Moffet
J. Hampton Moore
Robert Morris
Andrew J. Morrison
Thomas G. Morton Hon. Luis Munoz-Marin
George W. Nebinger
Overbrook Educational School
John M. Patterson 
 Thomas M. PeirceAlexander Penn
Jospeh Pennell
Samuel Pennypacker
Robert B. Pollock
Samuel Powel
Prince Hall
James Rhoads
William Rowen
George Sharswood
Isaac A. Sheppard
Philip H. Sheridan
Solomon Solis-Cohen
Southwark Spring Garden
Gilbert Spruance
Edwin M. StantonAllen M. Stearne
Edward Steel
James J. Sullivan
John H. Taggart
Bayard Taylor
Laura W. Waring
Martha Washington
John H. Webster
John Welsh
Widener Memorial
Frances E. Willard
Richard R. Wright
William H. Ziegler