Capital Financial Management

Capital Financial Management

The Capital Financial Management Unit is an integral part of the Office of Capital Programs and is a member of the Philadelphia School Improvement Team.   This office functions in an oversight role and in a coordination role between the various offices within Capital Programs and the finance offices:

  • Chief Financial Office
  • Office of Management & Budget
  • Office of Special Finance
  • Comptroller
  • General Accounting
  • Accounts Payable
  • Audit Services
  • Treasury
  • Operations
  • Payroll & Human Resources

Our mission is to support the School Reform Commission’s “Declaration of Education” within the Capital Program.  This goal is achieved through the work of many individuals within the entire PSIT Team. 

The major areas of responsibility of this unit are;

                Financial Reporting and Tracking

                Payment Evaluation and Processing (Accounts Payable and Payroll)

                Capitalization & Expenses