About Us

About Us

Our Vision

It is the vision of the Office of Capital Programs to provide our students, teachers, and communities with advanced facilities to create better educational environments for the students.

Our Mission

The CIP development process was based on the educational vision for the SDP and the following goals were used as the basis of project prioritization:

  • Improve High School Options - Construct new and renovate existing buildings to increase availability of small schools serving 800 to 1000 students.
  • Phase Out Middle Schools - convert middle schools to small high schools and elementary schools, expand elementary schools from K-5 to K-8.
  • Alleviate Elementary School Overcrowding - construct new schools, additions and annexes to relieve overcrowded conditions.
  • Bring District Facilities to a State of Good Repair - update schools by rehabilitating exterior and interior, replacing electrical/mechanical components and provide educational enhancements to extend the life of schools.