Archived Documents

Archived Documents

FY 2013-14 Budgetary Documents

FY2013-14 Consolidated Budget

FY14 Guide to School Budgets

FY14 Proposed Budget In Brief

School By School By District Budgets

FY14 Proposed Operating Budget Update

SMS Snap Shot - School Budgets 2013-14


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SDP Registered Municipal Advisor Stand-alone Rule Statement

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SDP Budget - Important Documents

October 2011

FY2011-12 First Quarter Budget Update 10/27/11 

August 2011

FY2011-12 Budget Gap Closing Status Report 8/03/11 

June 2011 

Update on Commonwealth Funding – Final FY12 PA Budget 6/30/11  

FY2011-12 Initial Budget Adoption – May 31, 2011

Adoption of FY12 Budget Presentation 5/31/11

Letter to Elected Officials - Budget Adoption 5/31/11

SRC-1 - Amended Operating Budget for 2010/2011 and Operating Budget for 2011/2012 5/31/11

SRC-1 - Operating Budget Backup Schedules A-D 5/31/11

SRC-2 - Amended Capital Budget for 2010/2011 and amended Capital Program for 2011-2016 and Capital Budget for 2011/2012 and Capital Program for 2012-2017 5/31/11

SRC-2 -  Capital Budget Backup Schedule 5/31/11

SRC-3 - Transfer from Capital to General Fund for 2010/11 and Transfer from Fiscal Stabilization Fund to General Fund for 2010/11 5/31/11

SRC-4 - District Agreement with the Philadelphia Intermediate Unit for 2011/2012 5/31/11

IU-1 - Amended Philadelphia Intermediate Unit Budget for 2010/2011 and Philadelphia Intermediate Unit Budget for 2011/2012 5/31/11

IU-1 - Philadelphia Intermediate Unit Budget Schedules A-D 5/31/11

IU-2 - IU Agreement with the Philadelphia School District for 2011/12 5/31/11

FY2011-12 Budget Introduction - April 27th, 2011

FY2011-12 Proposed Budget Overview 05/31/11

Community Budget Meetings Schedule 04/29/11

FY2011-12 Proposed Budget in Brief 04/29/11

FY2011-12 Gap Closing Plan - Detail 4/29/11 

FY2011-12 Proposed Budget Detail 05/4/11  

March - April 2011

FY2010-11 Third Quarter Financial Report 04/13/11 

FY2011-12 LumpSum Budget Presentation 03/30/11

2011-2012 Budget Update 03/30/11

Community Budget Presentation 03/21/11

SDP Testimony to the Philadelphia Delegation, PA State Senate on Governor Corbett’s Proposed FY2011-12 PA Budget 03/18/11 

Impact on SDP of Governor Corbett’s Proposed FY2011-12 PA Budget 03/9/11

FY2011-12 SDP Budget Challenges Known to Date 03/9/11

Executive Furlough Day Plan Response to FY2011-12 PA Proposed Budget 03/9/11


FY2010-11 Budget Update 02/16/11


FY2010-11 Second Quarter Financial Report 01/19/11 


FY2010-11 First Quarter Financial Report 10/20/10


Education Jobs Bill Presentation to the SRC 9/15/10

MAY 2010

FY2010-11 Adopted Budget Presentation 5/26/10

FY2010 and FY2011 Operating Budget Adoption Resolutions – SDP and Intermediate Units 5/26/10

FY2010-11 SDP Operating Budget Supporting Documentation: Schedules of Revenues, Obligations, Change in Fund Balance, Appropriations by Functional Organization 5/26/10

FY2010-11 IU Operating Budget Supporting Documentation: Schedules of Revenues, Obligations, Change in Fund Balance, Appropriations by Functional Organization 5/26/10

FY2011 Capital Budget Adoption Resolution 5/26/10

APRIL 2010

FY2010-11 Proposed Budget Press Release 4/21/10

FY2010-11 Proposed Budget Presentation 4/21/10

FY2010-11 Proposed Budget in Brief 4/21/10

FY2010-11 Proposed Consolidated Budget 4/21/10

FY2010-11 Proposed Budget – Community Budget Hearings 4/21/10

Public Notice of Hearing on the FY2010-11 Proposed Consolidated Budget - Posted 4/20/2010


Costing Out the Resources Needed to Meet Pennsylvania’s Public Education Goals – Report by the PA Board of Education December 2007