1095-C Forms

1095-C Forms




Much like the IRS uses Form W-2 to determine whether or not you owe taxes, they use Form 1095 (A, B or C) to report information about your healthcare coverage to determine whether:

1. You and your dependents are in compliance with federal law

2. Your employer is in compliance with federal law by providing healthcare insurance to its eligible employees

Think of the 1095 form as your “proof of healthcare insurance” for the IRS.

It is mandatory by federal law that EMPLOYEES AND EMPLOYERS report information on healthcare coverage using Form 1095 for the 2016 tax year and every year thereafter.

It is highly recommended that you keep your 1095-C form with your tax records.  You do NOT need to include the form when you file your taxes.




Why am I getting Form 1095-C?
You are receiving this tax form because it is required under the national healthcare law, the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

When will I get my Form 1095-C?
You should receive your printed Form 1095-C no later than early February 2017 by US Mail.

What do I do with my Form 1095-C?
You do not need to submit the 1095-C form with your federal taxes. Most people will only have to check a box on their IRS tax form that states that they (and their dependents, if applicable) were insured for the 2016 calendar year. Your Form 1095-C will contain information about you and your dependents’ health care coverage for 2016. You should keep this with your other important tax documents.

Why didn’t I get a Form 1095-C?
If you were not full-time at any time during 2016 (working an average of 130 hours per month) and were not enrolled in healthcare coverage through the School District,  you will not receive a Form 1095-C. You may also not receive a 1095-C if you were not the primary insured. For example, you should not receive a form if you were listed as a spouse or dependent under another family member’s plan. Forms are sent to the primary insured and list each insured dependent.

What if I don’t receive my 1095-C by February ?
You do not need your 1095-C form to complete your federal taxes. Your 1095-C form was mailed to your address on record as of December 27, 2016. If you have still not received a form by February 17, e-mail 1095-CForms@philasd.org to request a duplicate.

What if my form is incorrect?

If you believe your form is not accurate, please e-mail 1095-CForms@philasd.org or call (215) 400-4630, or visit our office in the Education Center. We are located in Suite G-10 and our walk-in hours are Monday through Thursday from 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM. After hours and Fridays are by appointment only.

All requests must be made to  1095-CForms@philasd.org. Phone requests for change will not be honored. 

Where can I get IRS information about how to report my health coverage?
Visit the IRS site at https://www.irs.gov/Affordable-Care-Act/Questions-and-Answers-about-Health-Care-Information-Forms-for-Individuals  Scroll to "How the Forms Relate to Your Tax Return"

How can I get more information about Form 1095-C?

Visit www.irs.gov/Affordable-Care-Act/Individuals-and-Families/Understanding-Form-1095C.