Cash Disbursements

Cash Disbursements

This page describes the procedures to follow when paying vendors or other recipients of Student Activity Funds.

Procedures - Cash Disbursements



1) For each payment request:

(a) Activity sponsors are to:

(i) prepare a Payment Voucher (Form H-201)

(ii) present the voucher and original invoice to the Principal for approval.

(b) The principal, upon satisfactory review, is to approve the transaction by signing the payment voucher

2) After having received the Principal's approval, the voucher and invoice are submitted to the SOO for payment:

(a) The SOO does the following:

(i) Scrutinizes all payment vouchers and invoices before preparing checks for payment

1. Makes sure that the voucher is:

· Approved by the principal

· signed by the sponsor, and,

· that the amount and payee agree with the invoice

2. Checks the arithmetic on the invoice

(ii) considers the activity account to be charged

· makes sure that funds are available in this account

(iii) If he/she is satisfied that the request for payment is proper:

1. a pre-numbered check is prepared and signed by the Principal.

2. The check stub is completed.

3. The check number and date are entered on the Payment Voucher and

4. A copy of the Payment Voucher is returned to the activity sponsor for filing

  1. The check is mailed.
  2. The approved voucher and invoice are then filed by the SOO.

(vi) Enters payments from check stubs into the cash disburse­ments journal

(vii) Maintains a file of paid invoices according to the month in which invoices were paid, after writing the check number and date across the face of the invoice.

3) A cash advance for a school or class trip must be documented.

(a) A statement detailing the amount and reason for the advance is to be presented to the SOO, which is to be signed and dated by the employee upon receipt of the advance.

(b) The statement is to be retained by the SOO.

(c) Further, an invoice or payee documentation certifying receipt of payment is to be submitted to the SOO after the trip.

(d) Any unexpended portion of the advance is to be returned to the SOO along with a School Deposit Slip (H-200)