Attendance & Truancy

Attendance & Truancy


The School District of Philadelphia is responsible for enforcing the compulsory school attendance laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and for properly recording student attendance and maintaining student records.

The School District of Philadelphia is dedicated to the academic achievement and success for all students. Regular school attendance is an integral part of that success. When students attend school on a daily basis, they will not only improve their academic skills but build a greater capacity for social and emotional growth as well.

Student accounting combines the functions of enrollment management and attendance monitoring.  Enrollment management requires careful attention because it is the basis by which the State allocates school subsidies. Therefore, student attendance must be accurately recorded and monitored daily, up to and including the last day of school.

The Office of Attendance and Truancy serves to offer training and supportive services to all members of the school community, to help improve student attendance, to account for all District students, and to comply with the compulsory school attendance laws.

At the beginning of each school year, students and parents/guardians should be advised of the attendance requirements and expectations.  School staff should stress the benefits of regular attendance, as well as inform parents/guardians and students of the consequences of irregular or non-attendance, including possible court action.

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