Girls and Women in Sport

Girls and Women in Sport

The National Girls and Women in Sports (NAGWS) is an organization dedicated to advocacy, education and promotion of girls and women in sport. The NAGWS champions equitable and quality sport opportunities for girls and woman.


Tina Sloan Green, passionate pioneer

When you think about the real trailblazers for black women in sports, Tina Sloan Green is at the top of the list. Sloan Green is the first black head coach in women's college lacrosse history.

Excellence was never a very foreign concept for Sloan Green. She grew up in the Eastwick section of Philadelphia and graduated from the Philadelphia High School for Girls, an educational institution that was -- and still is -- one of the best high schools in the city. Girls High is where Sloan Green first started playing field hockey, and she was a terrific player.

She was the head coach of the Temple women's lacrosse program from 1975 to 1992. Like many African-Americans who were opening doors and breaking ground for people of color, Sloan Green not only wanted to get her foot in the door -- she wanted to be successful.

These excerpts' were taken from an article that is posted on the ESPN website. To see the full article about this amazing lady, please click here.