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Action Plan

Action Plan


In working to make all schools great, this much is clear: All means all.


We cannot maintain a school system where too few students are adequately prepared for higher education and the workforce, where too many lack opportunities for academic or professional growth. All of our schools and students need bold expectations, ambitious goals and unapologetic solutions.


The citizens of Philadelphia deserve great schools. Parents deserve great schools for their children. Students deserve high-quality education that prepares them for life. Residents deserve an outstanding next generation of civic, business and social leaders - people committed to the collective effort of building and sustaining a system of exceptional schools for all children.


In introducing Action Plan v2.0, the four goals that anchor our work are both aspirational in scope and urgent in nature. All students must graduate, ready for college and career. All 8-year-olds must be able to read on grade level in preparing for future academic success. All schools must have great principals and teachers at all grade levels. And we must spend all funds wisely. That is the challenge before us, and we need all Philadelphians to join us in achieving these goals.  


Action Plan v2.0 is an evolution of our blueprint for making schools great. It explains what we mean by great, our goals and strategies for achieving our targets, and the actions inside our strategies that comprise our core, priority work. It also identifies how we will know our schools are becoming great.


My team and I understand what it will take to make our schools great. In many cases, this will not be a return to past practices or staffing patterns that did not produce better results. Making schools great requires investments in evidenced-based strategies that have worked here and in similar urban settings. These investments will require commitments from our legislators, local leaders, businesses and taxpayers. Our schools are operating this year under circumstances that none of us would wish for; a year-to-year funding mindset cannot continue to be the norm. A stable statewide funding structure that meets students' needs is paramount in order for The School District of Philadelphia to meet its obligation to all students and families.


As a school district - as a city - we should aspire to have all children exposed to rigorous academics, surrounded by caring adults with high expectations for them. Our goals are solidly intertwined; we cannot graduate 100 percent of students who are both college- and career ready if we do not have 100 percent of 8-year-olds reading on grade level. We cannot invest in making all schools great without 100 percent of the funding needed to educate all children. We cannot have 100 percent of our students meeting our high expectations without 100 percent of our schools having great principals and teachers.  And we cannot enhance our workforce and regional economy without 100 percent of students becoming productive citizens.


This work will ultimately determine the future of our great city and the opportunities for our youngest citizens to access a rich, rigorous, high-quality education. Every child can learn. Every school can be great. All of us can help. That is our foundation moving forward. We ask you and all Philadelphians to join us.


Superintendent William Hite

February 2014

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